InfraCal 2 Portable Water/Soil Analyser​

We are proud to introduce the new InfraCa l2 analyser that has become the petrochemical industry standard that ensures oil content levels in water, drill cutting or soil that are below the regulated limit. The InfraCal 2 analyser will make the measurement easily and reliable, with improved sensitivity and added features over the basic InfraCal analyser, typical measurement results take less than a minute. The new, rugged InfraCal 2 Analyser provides an added dimension and versatility for on-site portable testing, it represents the next generation in simple analytical solutions for practical on-site measurements.


The InfraCal 2 also has the following benefits:


  • Increased sensitivity/performance

  • Multiple calibrations

  • Security/password protection

  • Data logging & transfer capabilities

  • Optional internal battery pack

  • Multi-Language Interface


Increased sensitivity with the InfraCal 2 makes it ideal for a variety of applications including:


  • Sub-ppm detection of oil in water

  • Cleaning efficiency of metal parts

  • Biodiesel in diesel or ethanol in gasoline

  • Measuring barrier layers in flexible films

  • Production quality control


The lack of moving parts, a rugged metal case, and optional internal battery pack make the InfraCal 2 fixed filter infrared analyser ideal for conditions typically found in a field environment - at a price significantly lower than an FTIR spectrometer. InfraCal 2 requires no scheduled maintenance or recalibration and most analyses require minimal or no consumables reducing the cost per test. The touch screen display allows a simple set up for quick operation along with an easy calibration wizard.


The InfraCal 2 can easily and economically help you move your analysis to where it is needed with the same quality attributes that you have come to expect in all Wilks InfraCal analysers.


If you have any queries regarding this product and would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 1300 522 725.